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We Sell - Gold & Silver Bullion

Secure your wealth and future with Gold and Silver Bullion. Gold and Silver have historically thrived as currencies and a means of exchange as well as a hedge against rising inflation, economic and political uncertainty. Our experienced bullion dealers are ready to provide you with honest, reliable, and timely service. Let us help you add precious metals to your portfolio today!

We Buy - Scrap Gold & Silver

We pay top dollar for your Gold and Silver bullion and jewelry! Our XRF spectrometers allow us to analyze the exact composition of your precious metals, so we can offer our customers the best CASH deal possible. Our pricing is simple and transparent, and our goal is to have you leave satisfied - and with a full wallet!

We Do - Electronic Repair & Support

No matter the device, electronic repair and support is one of our specialties. Our team is ready to perform in-home and in-office service, as well as repair and support of industrial and commercial electronics. We also make sure to serve our clients with the highest quality of ongoing support.

We Sell - Refurbished Electronics

A wide range of refurbished electronics is available at Broadway Gold Exchange. Before resale, we conduct extensive testing and repairs to ensure the products we carry are premium-level and high-quality, prioritizing the experience our clients will gain.

About Us

As a new business in the Orangeville and Dufferin County area, the team at Broadway Gold Exchange are proud to provide our community with the following services:

  • Sale of Gold and Silver bullion
  • Purchasing Gold and Silver jewelry, bullion, and scrap
  • Sale of premium refurbished electronics
  • Repair of all electronics and tech support
  • Mobile Electronic Service
  • Desktop and Office Installation

If you have any questions about our products and services, contact us today!

Sell your Gold and Silver

We pay top dollar for your scrap Gold and Silver pieces. We are your go to silver and gold dealer in the Orangeville area.

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